EVS about circus for a french volunteer

You are passionate for circus? Are you from France?

Place: Terrassa (Barcelona) – Dates: From 15 October 2017 to 15 July 2018

La Víbria Intercultural it’s a small association placed in Terrassa (40 min from Barcelona) that works the interculturality and the peace culture by doing activities of non-formal education. In our daily work, we deal with youngsters in different ways: in one hand, we have some hours in the week dedicated exclusively to give information to youngsters from 13 to 30 years old, related to going abroad (to study, to do internships, for volunteering, to work…). On the other hand, we are partners with the European network of Erasmus+, and so, we are hosting, coordinating and sending organization for EVS, Youth exchanges and Training Courses. Moreover, we organize local projects related to interculturality.

Tub d’assaig, in Catalan means, test tube. And what do we test? Circus! Our passion is to make circus, so we dedicate our time to teach different disciplines of circus to all ages people. We organize ourselves by an assembly, so we can manage, coordinate and organize all the non-profit activities that we bring to Terrassa. The most important activities are a Circus Festival (in September) and three Circus Gala. Here you can see our website! We would like to have you in our organization, helping the circus’ teachers with the lessons, and also promoting other activities of non-formal education or related to body work, acrobatics, theatre, creativity… you can propose your own activities!

We are searching for a SVE that give support in our daily tasks, in the circus association, and also in La Víbria.

So, it means:

– Helping the circus teachers with non-formal activities in the circus school. The ages of the pupils is between 5 to 12 years old.

– Being involved in the activities of Tub d’assaig

– We are open to receive your proposals of activities as well, for exemple, you could also do:

o Pictures of the activities

o Videos

o Graphic design

o Creating dossiers for the companies

o Proposing your own creative activities in the School

– Thinking, creating and developing a Youth Exchange related to circus activities

– Promoting Erasmus+ activities: making activities and dynamics in schools or local organizations to talk about your experience and others related to volunteering or traveling abroad

– Being involved in the activities of La Víbria: local events, activities in the schools, activities related to interculturality


We are looking for some young that is:

– Proactive, so that you can participate with new ideas for creating new activities that are nice for the association

– Communicative, so even if we don’t speak the same language, we both make the effort to being comprehensive

– Someone concerned about education and able to work with kids

– It’s better if you know circus, even though, it’s not necessary. Anyway, you have to be attracted to circus environment.

– Motivation to learn more about Erasmus+ projects

– Some knowledge about the Erasmus+ projects: having participated in some Youth Exchange

– Medium level of Spanish

– Skills of team working

– Interest in learning catalan


– Catalan lessons during all the year (3h per week)

– There will be three more volunteers working near you, not in the same tasks neither in the same place, but you’ll be easily in contact!

WORKING PLACE: La Casa Baumann (Youth services) – Av. Jacquard, 1. 08222, Terrassa and Tub d’Assaig 7’70 – 63, Sant Leopold Street, 08221, Terrassa


HOLIDAYS: 2 days per month (you can accumulate them).

ACCOMMODATION: You’ll be living in a flat, with other EVS or students of the city.

Please, don’t be afraid of asking whatever you have in mind. We’ll solve all your doubts!!!

CONTACT: info@vibria.org / http://www.vibria.org

If you are interested please send us your Motivation Letter and Curriculum Vitae before 27th July.

Please, don’t be afraid of asking whatever you have in mind. We’ll solve all your doubts!