EVS in Baumannlab – Terrassa

For volunteers from program countries, wanting to work on a creative environment with topics as design and audiovisual arts.

Place: Terrassa, Catalonia

Dates: From 15 September 2018 to 15 July 2019

La Víbria Intercultural it’s a small association placed in Terrassa (40 min from Barcelona) that works the interculturality and peace culture by doing activities of non-formal education. Founded in 2003, La Víbria is now providing its services for 4 different municipalities of Catalonia region. In our daily work, we work with youngsters in different ways: on the one hand, some hours in the week we dedicate exclusively to give information to youngsters aged 13 to 35, related to going abroad (to study, to do internships, to volunteer, to work…). On the other hand, we are partners of the European network of Erasmus+, so we are hosting, coordinating and sending organization for EVS.

Moreover, we organize local and international projects related to interculturality and other topics that interests our youngsters.

BaumannLab is the laboratory of youth creation of the City Council of Terrassa, focused on the production and support of artistic creation (multidisciplinary), with the visual arts and the contemporary thought as a principal point of interest.



Its main objectives are:

–  Developing the critical attitude of young people through artistic practices.

– Promoting the visibility of the universe and its youthful worldview citizens of Terrassa.

– Providing training and professionalization of young artists about contemporary art practices.

– Promoting artistic research, development and production of artistic work processes.

– Encouraging the production of collective creativity through the establishment of a network of relationships between institutions, organizations, groups and other stakeholders with common goals through transversal work.

Thedistinctive features of the methodology of this creative laboratory are strengthening synergies between various activities such as research, production, training and dissemination, as well as public and diverse range of users.

We are searching for a volunteer who will give support in our daily tasks in the Baumanlabb office. So, that means:

  • Graphic design: make flyers and posters of the artistic events that BaumannLab promote.
  • Photography or video: covering the activities related with BaumannLab and the city of Terrassa, with photos or video.
  • The possibility of teaching a workshop related somehow with audiovisual arts
  • As part of La Víbria, it’s possible to have tasks related with our association, such as: promoting Erasmus+ activities, local events, activities in the schools, activities related to interculturality

We are looking for a volunteer who:

  • Has some knowledges about graphic design (Illustrator, Photoshop…)
  • Has interest in making photos and vídeos
  • Is creative and can propose his/her own ideas and designs
  • Can work self- directed 
  • Has an artistic sensitivity
  • Wants to learn a new culture and a new language
  • Has a medium level of Spanish
  • Real interest in learning catalan – the daily work is in Catalan

– Catalan lessons during all the project (3h per week)

– There will be three more volunteers working near you, not with the same tasks neither in the same place, but you’ll be part of the same team.

– The possibility of knowing how an association works and the chance of learning a lot about Erasmus+ projects, non formal education and youth dynamization.

WORKING PLACE: La Casa Baumann (Youth services) – Av. Jacquard, 1. 08222, Terrassa
HOLIDAYS: 2 days per month (you can accumulate them).
ACCOMMODATION: You’ll be living in a flat, with 3 other EVS volunteers.
CONTACT: info@vibria.org / http://www.vibria.org
Please, don’t be afraid of asking whatever you have in mind. We’ll solve all your doubts!

If you are interested please send us your Motivation Letter and Curriculum Vitae before 15 april.

Please, don’t be afraid of asking whatever question you have in mind. We’ll solve all your doubts!