A Partnership Building Activity to improve quality and inclusion on youth exchanges.

30 associations from program countries

Dates: 15 – 20 July 2018 (4 working days + 2 travel days)

Venue: Barcelona

Participants target: youth workers 18+ actively involved in the association, with more than two years experience on youth exchanges.

Go ahead! Aims to improve quality and inclusion on youth projects by paying special attention on transversal topics in order to create a bigger impact and multiplier effect on society.

As a result of a common reflexion with our partners, we identify the need of working on the details that really makes the difference on a youth project:

Are we doing responsible projects? Are we focusing on aspects that really matters? Do we forget about a topic when we start working with another? Do we apply during youth exchanges the results of other projects? How do we work ecological issues when a project is not about ecology? How do we address topics as food waste, healthy food, gender issues, sport activities, alcohol consuming, sex, english language, inclusion, diversity, visibility, dissemination and follow up? How do we prepare the group to participate in a YE and what do we offer to participants after the mobility ends? How to get an intersectional perspective?

30 youth workers will reflect, debate, share good practices and creative solutions, having the opportunity to develop a strong network based on common interests and developing projects for the future.   


  • Exchange best practices in project management and integration of youngsters with less opportunities
  • Develope a selfevaluation methodology in order to identify weakness and strenghts.
  • Exchange tools to improve the quality of our projects
  • Train on creativity on project design
  • Share realities, needs and challenges and find common interests of the network
  • Discuss transversal topics to be improved in youth projects
  • Share tools, materials, publications, videos, songs and other intellectual outputs and dissemination tools developed during youth projects
  • Create projects together ensuring the future of the network

If your organisation is interested, please send your PIF ASAP to info@vibria.org