ESC OPPORTUNITY: Leisure, Sports and Enhancing the autonomy of the people with mental disability in FUPAR – Terrassa, Barcelona

ESC platform call:  

Place: Terrassa, Catalonia

Dates: 15th January 2022-15th December 2022 (11 months)


The Amat Roumens Foundation, FUPAR is a private and non-profit social organization created in 1971 and constituted as a Foundation in 195. It responds to a proposal made by a group of parents who sought to give continuity to the process of training and social inclusion of their children with disabilities, once the special education stage ended.

The project started from a new approach in our country, based on occupational employment as a way of inclusion, and at that time it meant an innovative experience in Spain. FUPAR offers attention to more than 400 people with disabilities. Each of the people attended, in accordance with their capacities and autonomy, receive the most appropriate support. The management and support staff is made up of more than 80 professionals and volunteers.

The Leisure Service of the Foundation organizes and fosters the participation of people with intellectual disabilities in socio-educational and sports activities, as a platform to improve personal autonomy and social inclusion. Although in the city of Terrassa there is a big offer (municipal and/or private) in the field of training, non-formal education and leisure, their participation is difficult. Either because of the person’s own idiosyncrasy or because only rarely the activities are available to their interests and capacities, specially in the case of adults with intellectual disabilities.




We are searching for 5 ESC volunteers that will give support to the leisure time department in the Occupational Center and the Autonomy and inclusion improvement service of Fupar. 

Regarding the general functions of volunteering, we expect from you to actively participate in the processes of design, development and evaluation of the socio-educational and sports proposals that are programmed each year. We also want to start a project for people with more needs of support. Below we detail the specific functions:

A. Project for people with more needs of support:

  • Accompaniment and support in inclusive activities that need a 1:1 support
  • Group support in psycho-Social Adjustment activities
  • Accompaniment from home to the Center
  • Co-liderating one of the Adjustment activities programmed 
  • Giving support in the dining room
  • Preparing and creating specific material or adapted to the activities

B. Activities design:

  • Detecting needs and interests of the participants
  • Designing the annual program together: objectives, contents, methodology… based on the detected needs
  • Introducing the group to the possible activities to be done

C. Activities development:

  • Participating in the coordination meetings
  • Promoting self-management during practice
  • Motivating the group to make a positive contribution
  • Being responsible of the order and care of the material, and leaving it in the activity room
  • Checking the attendance and participation of the participants and detecting incidents
  • Providing material, resources … so that the group can carry out the programmed activity
  • Taking care of the space where the activity is organized
  • Having the initiative to propose and implement an activity

D. Activities evaluation:

  • Evaluating the viability of the proposed activities and reorienting them if they do not adjust to the group
  • Carrying out the quarterly evaluation of the activity and incorporating the appropriate improvements


  • 18 – 30 years old
  • Emotional stability, responsibility and suitable commitment for the development of his activity as a voluntary
  • Autonomy and sufficient personal skills in order to collaborate in the activities of leisure and sport
  • Availability some weekends and flexibility with the time schedule
  • Studies, experience or motivation related with the activities dynamics in the field of disabilities (we encourage you to apply also if you have no experience but you have a strong motivation)
  • At least medium level of Spanish 
  • A real interest in learning catalan (the daily work is in Catalan as well as the Catalan course)
  • To be ready to work some weekends. You will receive free days during the week instead. Leisure time activities happen often during the weekend.

Also, it is necessary to take into account some fundamental aspects that are part of the essence of the voluntary action:

  • Respecting the confidentiality of the information that circulates
  • Showing a positive attitude, open and committed with the needs of the people with disabilities (specially intellectual and developmental), their families and the Foundation itself.
  • Driving license B


  • To enjoy a voluntary action that respects the dignity, personal privacy and conviction, be it political, religious or of any type, avoiding all discrimination
  • To have access to updated information on the programs and actions where you will participate
  • To receive the follow-up and support to be part of the entity’s team
  • To participate actively in the evaluation of the socio-educational, sportive and volunteering programs 
  • To practise Catalan and/or Spanish 
  • To meet all the team of voluntary people that also take part in the entity
  • To know the environment by means of the activities
  • Food and Pocket money: 275€



LANGUAGE COURSE: 4h per week of Catalan course (2 days per week)

HOLIDAYS: Alternating weekends

ACCOMMODATION: You will live in a flat with other ESC volunteers

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 12th September 2021

INTERVIEW DATES: 3rd-8th October 2021


If you are interested please fill up the following application form: and don’t forget to register yourself on ESC platform or apply directly on:

Please, don’t be afraid of asking whatever you have in mind. We’ll clarify all your doubts! Due to the summer holidays you can expect our feedback after the 12th September

If you want to discover how was the daily life of the our last volunteers, take a look on their official journey:




Anton, Colin, Julia, Daniel, Silvia and Fatbardha are the ones that have been volunteering in FUPAR.

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