ESC OPPORTUNITY: Leisure, Occupational Activities, Social Inclusion in Jeroni de Moragas

Place: Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

Dates: From 14th September 2023 – 14th August 2024 (11 months)


The Center Jeroni de Moragas SCCL, is a cooperative of professionals of social initiative and nonprofit oriented, with a 50 years trajectory. We care for more than 100 people in Sant Cugat del Vallès, coming from different regions like Barcelonès and Vallès Occidental. Our goal is to present services oriented to social and labour inclusion of adult people with functional and intellectual diversity, mental illness and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

The Occupational Centre develops its own Model of Bio-psycho-social Intervention (Physical, psychological and social). The team is a group of professionals made by psychologists, social workers, social educators, occupational therapists and social integrators who are in charge of planning and implementing therapeutic, occupational and pre-labour activities, with the aim of improving the quality of life of the people that we care for. 

The Residential Service consists of 4 residential houses for 6-7 people, with the main goal of providing intellectual development in society, enhancing their personal growth. 



We are looking for 2 ESC volunteers that will support the direct attention team of the Occupational Center and the Service of residences of Jeroni de Moragas Center.

In relation to the tasks of the volunteers, we expect that they will actively participate in the activities and that will proactively propose new dynamics in the implementation of the activities. 

The main functions will be:

  • Offering accompaniment and social support, establishing a significative link with the person with disability.
  • Helping to improve the quality of life of the people that we care for, sharing the activities that the residence and the occupational center do. 
  • Motivating the group of people that we care for, in order to encourage them to do the activity correctly.
  • Being in charge of detecting possible incidents in the activities development, and will activate the participation of the most passive ones.
  • Being responsible of the material used for the activity.
  • Giving support in community and social inclusion activities.

In no case the voluntary will be responsible alone, he/she will always have the responsible professional as a reference person.


  • We wish the volunteer to be a youngster with interest in social topics, willing to learn and to contribute.
  • Emotional stability and responsibility
  • It is not necessary to have a basic knowledge of Spanish or Catalan
  • Availability to volunteer during weekends, in leisure and free time activities. 
  • Respectful person towards people’s dignity and privacy of information.


  • Patient person, with emotional self-control and flexible, that will adapt to the performance of the directed activities. 
  • Ability to empathize in order to get to know the needs, interests and desires of the people with intellectual disability.


  • A teamwork environment, with commitment and fellowship. A volunteering experience within a working cooperative. 
  • An intervention style based in the promotion of the quality of life, personal autonomy, community participation and rights. 
  • A place where to provide experiences, contact with people with Intellectual Development disorder, participation in the basic activities or the daily life, in the hygiene and autonomy habits, in the therapeutic activities. 
  • Collaboration in the technological projects, Snoezelen room of sensorial stimulation, participation in the development of cognitive stimulation apps.
  • Participation in community projects: rehearsals with the inclusive music group, trainings and matches with the inclusive football team, scholar visits and programs of learning and service, preparation and recording of the radio program Per Tu, participation and recording of Moragas TV episodes…
  • Participation and support in domestic activities from the residences, support in leisure activities and excursions…


Taller Jeroni de Moragas: Avinguda Villadelprat, nº79, Sant Cugat del Vallès, 08197.


24h per week with 2 free days per week.  Weekends are normally free


4h per week of Catalan course (2 days per week)


The volunteer enjoys 2 extra days of holidays per month worked, so in this project there will be a total of 22 days of vacation. Holidays can be arranged according to the volunteer’s needs, taking into account that some days in August will be mandatory.


Fully equipped flat in the central area of Terrassa shared with other ESC volunteers. Some rooms are private, some shared with another person. Depending on the flat, it will be 10/15 minutes by walk from the train station. Some bikes will be available to use and share with the other volunteers in the flats.


Pocket and food money: 325€/month



Please, don’t be afraid of asking whatever you have in mind. We’ll clarify all your doubts!

If you are interested please apply directly on:

If you want to discover how was the daily life of the our last volunteers, take a look on their official journey:

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