ESC OPPORTUNITY: Leisure, Sports and Enhancing the autonomy of people with mental disability in LaFACT FUPAR

Place: Terrassa, Catalonia

Dates: From 14th September 2023 – 14th August 2024 (11 months)


At LaFACT Fupar, we focus our activity on supporting people with intellectual disabilities, with our own tools and methodologies that promote their social and work development, promoting self-esteem, well-being and the inclusion of close 500 people We do this from the fields of job placement, training, day care, support for independent living, leisure and sport.

The Leisure and Sports Service of LaFACT FUPAR. Our vision is staged in the image of the person with an intellectual disability enjoying their free time, being part of the socio-educational and sports projects chosen based on their own interests, desires and dreams.

Our photo shows us a shared space where people build learning and development goals and to do so, they weave a network of natural supports where we all enjoy accompanying and feeling accompanied, generating bonds of friendship, sense of belonging, visibility and social inclusion.

To do this, we set ourselves the mission of:

  • Generate leisure projects, preferably inclusive.
  • Respect individuality.
  • Offer rich and varied leisure activities based on individual interests and possibilities.
  • Build a network of natural supports.
  • Generate space for self-knowledge and empowerment.
  • Offer activities that highlight the potential of people with disabilities.
  • Offer actions that favor the development of a healthy lifestyle
  • Offer spaces for training and advice to natural supports.
  • Provide support in transitions to inclusive leisure.



We are looking for 5 ESC volunteers to support LaFACT FUPAR’s Leisure and Sports Service.

Regarding the general functions of volunteering, we expect you to participate actively in the design, development and evaluation processes of the socio-educational and sports proposals that are programmed each year. Below we detail the specific functions:

A. Individualized support:

  • Accompaniment and support in inclusive activities.
  • Group support in activities.
  • Elaboration and creation of specific material or adapted to the activities

B. Design of the activities:

  • Detection of participants’ needs and interests.
  • To jointly design the annual program: objectives, content, methodology… based on the identified needs.
  • Present the possible activities to the group-

C. Development of activities:

  • Participation in coordination meetings.
  • Encourage self-management during practice.
  • Motivate the group to make a positive contribution.
  • Be responsible for the order and care of the material, and leave it in the activity room.
  • Checking the attendance and participation of the participants and detecting incidents.
  • Provide material, resources… so that the group can carry out the scheduled activity.
  • Take care of the space where the activity is organized.
  • Having the initiative to propose and implement an activity.

D. Evaluation of the activities:

  • Evaluate the feasibility of the proposed activities and reorient them if they do not fit the group.
  • Carry out the quarterly evaluation of the activity and incorporate the appropriate improvements.


  • Emotional stability, responsibility and suitable commitment for the development of his activity as a voluntary
  • Autonomy and sufficient personal skills in order to collaborate in the activities of leisure and sport
  • Availability some weekends and flexibility with the time schedule
  • Studies, experience or motivation related with the activities dynamics in the field of disabilities (we encourage you to apply also if you have no experience but you have a strong motivation)
  • At least basic level of Spanish 
  • A real interest in learning catalan (the daily work is in Catalan as well as the Catalan course)
  • To be ready to work some weekends. You will receive free days during the week instead. Leisure time activities happen often during the weekend.


  • Respecting the confidentiality of the information that circulates
  • Showing a positive attitude, open and committed with the needs of the people with disabilities (specially intellectual and developmental), their families and the Foundation itself.
  • Driving license B (not essential)


  • To enjoy a voluntary action that respects the dignity, personal privacy and conviction, be it political, religious or of any type, avoiding all discrimination
  • To have access to updated information on the programs and actions where you will participate
  • To receive the follow-up and support to be part of the entity’s team
  • To participate actively in the evaluation of the socio-educational, sportive and volunteering programs 
  • To practise Catalan and/or Spanish 
  • To meet all the team of voluntary people that also take part in the entity
  • To know the environment by means of the activities


LaFACT – Fupar main building: Carrer de les Campiones olímpiques 36, 08225, Terrassa


28h per week with 2 free days per week (sometimes weekends, sometime weekdays)


4h per week of Catalan course (2 days per week)


The volunteer enjoys 2 extra days of holidays per month worked, so in this project there will be a total of 22 days of vacation. Holidays can be arranged according to the volunteer’s needs, taking into account that some days in August will be mandatory.


Fully equipped flat in the central area of Terrassa shared with other ESC volunteers. Some rooms are private, some shared with another person. Depending on the flat, it will be 15/20 minutes by walk from the workplace. Some bikes will be available to use and share with the other volunteers in the flats.


Pocket and food money: 325€/month



Please, don’t be afraid of asking whatever you have in mind. We’ll clarify all your doubts!

If you are interested please apply directly on:

If you want to discover how was the daily life of the our last volunteers, take a look on their official journey:

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