ESC OPPORTUNITY: Sports activities (basket/football) with people with disabilities in Prodis

Place: Terrassa, Barcelona

Dates: From 14th September 2023 – 14th August 2024 (11 months)


Prodis is a non-profit social entity that works for and with adults with intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, mental disorder in Terrassa and its natural environment. We offer work services, in a protected environment, occupational therapy services, occupational insertion services, housing services, sports and leisure.In Prodis, we understand that improving the quality of life is not just about the absence of disease, but about maximizing people’s potential by enabling them to enjoy good physical, mental and social health.


We are looking for 1 volunteer to support Prodis in the sport activities:

The volunteer will be most of the time in the Sport Club. Our athletes are between 21 and 60 years old (or older). You will be able to join them in the following activities: zumba, basketball, adapted sports, athletics, hockey or soccer. The activity will take place from Monday to Sunday preferably in the afternoons to accompany in training and some weekends sporadically depending on the games. Some mornings there will also be sports activities at the workshops that are held at Prodis.


  • Catalan or Spanish basic level.
  • Empathetic, active and eager to participate in the activities we do.
  • Ability to improvise and adapt to changes.
  • Emotional stability
  • Sensitivity towards the group we serve.
  • Be into sport and know the rules and regulations.
  • Ability to be able to direct and plan trainings, with the support of the coach.


  • Initiative and self-management skills.
  • Ability to work as part of a team.
  • Ability to plan.
  • Ability to plan basketball or soccer training sessions.
  • Ability to manage a game.
  • Ability to be able to learn and perform care tasks.
  • Ability to give emotional support to the people they care for.


  • To learn from inside the processes of design, implementation and evaluation of the socio-educational and sports proposals of the organisation
  • To take part actively in the evaluation of the socio-educational, sportive and volunteering programs
  • To be able to break down stigmas and join us in the struggle to make our society more inclusive (by, for example, participating in a local event accompanying them)
  • To learn the methods of support in psycho-Social Adjustment activities and co-liderating it;
  • To be able to see how many capabilities people with disabilities have.
  • Getting to know the structure and the social network of the entity.
  • To practice of the Catalan and Spanish daily


Most of the time the meeting point will be in Prodis main building: Plaça del Tint, 6, 08224, Terrassa. After that you will move with the group to the sport fields.

Also can be in other spaces in Terrassa like the Palsy Centre in Pau Marsal, or in our homes located in different neighborhoods of Terrassa (Torresana, Can Tusell or La Cogullada)


28h per week with 2 free days per week (sometimes weekends, sometime weekdays)


4h per week of Catalan course (2 days per week)


The volunteer enjoys 2 extra days of holidays per month worked, so in this project there will be a total of 22 days of vacation. Holidays can be arranged according to the volunteer’s needs, taking into account that some days in August will be mandatory.


Fully equipped flat in the central area of Terrassa shared with other ESC volunteers. Some rooms are private, some shared with another person. Depending on the flat, it will be 15/20 minutes by walk from the workplace. Some bikes will be available to use and share with the other volunteers in the flats.


Pocket and food money: 325€/month



Please, don’t be afraid of asking whatever you have in mind. We’ll clarify all your doubts!

If you are interested please apply directly on:

If you want to find out what the daily life of the last volunteers was like, take a look at their official trip:

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