Circus Pedagogy, a tool to develop Youth Work

“Circus Pedagogy as tool to develop Youth Work” – 17 to 24 of October, Brežice (Slovenia)


Such a nice adventure we lived in Slovenia with Circus Pedagogy… After just some name and ice-breaking games the bonds and connections between the participants started to form. During the first part of the week we learned different circus disciplines such as juggling, poi, plate spinning, diabolo and acrobatics. The activities we did and the time we spent together made us to open ourselves, like the flowers do, letting out the way we are and the way we feel.


Then, we started to prepare altogether a performance to be done in a school for approximately 200 kids. Different small groups were created according to different disciplines and even new ones such as clowning were added.

After the performance, with the help and guidance of the organizers and all the knowledge gained during the week, a circus workshop was performed for the kids in small groups.

The process of creating something, in this case a performance and a workshop, in common with people from 13 different countries is a unique experience. It unites the people and make you feel part of something bigger, putting your attitude and skills to the service of the group. The Circus Pedagogy offers a great method to apply into youth work, not only because it is fun but also because it let you improve cooperation and self-esteem… Like in life, in some of the disciplines you suck while in others you realize that you are good, and that feels nice.

Thanks to the organizers from Cirkus La Bulle for all the work, passion, patience and love. Thanks also to all the participants and to each one that made it possible.image 1

With love, much love,