ESC in Baumannlab


BaumannLab is the laboratory of young creation of the Cityhole of Terrassa, focused on the production and support of artistic creation (mutidisciplinar), with the visual arts and the contemporary thought  as a principal point of interest.

Its main objectives are:

  • Encourage the development of the critical attitude of young people through artistic practices.
  • Promote the visibility of the universe and its youthful worldview citizens of Terrassa.
  • Provide training and professionalization of young artists about contemporary art practices.
  • To promote artistic research and development and production of artistic work processes.
  • Encourage the production of collective creativity through the establishment of a network of relationships between institutions, organizations, groups and other stakeholders with common goals to BaumannLab and through transversal work between programs Service Child Youth and Recreation.

Are distinctive features of the methodology of this creative laboratory strengthening synergies between various activities such as research, production, training and dissemination, as well as public and heteogeneïtat of users that we go and we want to relate from the projects and services BaumannLab.

We are searching for a volunteer that give support in our daily tasks in the Baumanlabb office. So, that means:

  • Graphic design: make flyers and posters of the artistic events that BaumannLab promote.
  • Photography or video: covering the activities related with BaumannLab with photos or video, depending on the motivation of the volunteer, and the interest.
  • Developing a workshop for youth people weekly: a workshop on photography or other skills you have.
  • Promoting Erasmus+ activities: making activities and dynamics in schools or local organizations to talk about your experience and others related to volunteering or traveling abroad
  • Involve in the activities of La Víbria: local events, activities in the schools, activities related to interculturality

We are looking for some volunteer that can support to all this tasks, so:

  • Has some knowledges about graphic design (Illustrator, Photoshop…)
  • Has interest in work making photos or videos if it’s required
  • Is proactive, so can propose own ideas and designs
  • Can work in an autonomous way
  • Want to learn a new culture and a new language
  • Having at least, medium level of Spanish
  • Motivation to learn catalan as it is our daily work language


  • Catalan lesons during all the year (3h per week)
  • A nice flat in the center of Terrassa
  • There will be four more volunteers working near you, not in the same tasks neither in the same place, but you’ll live together
  • Pocket money and food money each month: 275€

WORKING PLACE: La Casa Baumann (Youth service) – Av. Jacquard, 1. 08222, Terrassa
HOLIDAYS: The local national holidays, the same that the team do (Christmas, Easter…)
ACCOMMODATION: You’ll be living in a flat with other ESC volunteers

If you are interested please send us your Motivation Letter and Curriculum Vitae before 10th of June

Please, don’t be afraid of asking whatever you have in mind. We’ll solve all your doubts!

If you want to discover how was the daily life of the our last volunteers, take a look on their official journey. Florine is the one that has been volunteering in Baumannlab.