Partnership Building Activity GAMESTORMING: Gamification in youth information

Call for partners. Topic_ Youth information & gamification (1)

Venue: Terrassa, Spain

Participants: 1 / 2 youth workers per partner.

Target: Youth workers who work in the area of youth information and are using / are interested to use, GAMIFICATION techniques in their work.

Dates: 15 – 21 november 2020 (5 working days + 2 travel days)

*These dates will depend on the evolution of the current situation.

Important: Participants should commit themselves to organise an event or activity related to the project topics back home.



Gamestorming is a PBA born from the interest of exploring new ways of transmiting information to youth, adapting the techniques to the needs and interests of the youngsters, and focusing on motivation, engagement and experiential learning. Our motivation comes from the desire of using NFE methods as much as possible in our daily work.
Gamification allows the use of game-design elements  and game principles in non-game contexts, and this is why is is a great technique for our purpose.  By using this methodology, we can focus on problem solving, learning, organizational productivity, evaluation, and, of course, facilitation  of information.
Like this, during the seminar participants will take part in a storming of techniques and ideas to use Gamification in the context of information. And this is where the name of the project comes from.



Gamestorming has the purpose of discovering and putting together new tools for the dynamisation and gamification of youth information in its different formats (counselling, talks, workshops, fairs, etc.). By bringing together 15 European organisations from different countries connected with youth work, the seminar intends to be the meeting point and platform to share and exchange different practices and ideas to implement games and non-formal education in the way of providing information to the youth. All in all, to be able to give a twist to the traditional way of being informed in order to motivate and engage more youngsters. 

From this, the project also aims to work as a partnership building activity, and that this contact seminar will create a scenario where youth workers get to know each other better and start developing a solid network of organisations within the same topic of interest. 

Aim and objectives

  • To raise awareness about the concept of Gamification
  • To share good practices in the field of youth information
  • To inspire youth workers to develop their own techniques of information transmission
  • To create, develop and collect new tools
  • To equip youth workers with new ressources that can be used in their daily work
  • To analyze and reconsider the way that we facilitate information
  • To put in common needs and realities, finding common interests and challenges
  • To create a scenario for reflexion about the importance of vivencial approach in learning
  • To boost active participation and engagement of youngsters in informative sessions
  • To build a solid partnership with the common interest of Gamification in Youth Information
  • To foster the compromise in the implementation of local activities
  • To plan future projects to put the results together


30 youth workers from 15 European countries will meet in Terrassa, Spain, in November 2020 with the aim of sharing knowledge, initiatives and projects that consider good practices in the field of Youth Information and reflect on the potential of Gamification in Youth work.

At the end of the meeting they will have a compilation of materials, ideas and tools that partners will put into practice in their local context and that they will later share.

The seminar is expected to result in the creation of a European network of associations and entities that work with Gamification techniques in Youth information, creating a multiplier effect of future projects and initiatives aimed at young people.

Sessions will include sharing of good practices, debates and discussions, project development sessions and of course, some Gamification!

If you are interested please fill in the form!

Deadline: 29th April 2020

Contact person: Anabel Carrión / Marina Pérez

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