Youth Exchange: Diversity Champions

Our experience in Novi Pazar from the spanish team

Novi Pazar in Serbia was one of the best experiences that we have. All the group agreed
on that after the program Champions Diversity.

We did some activities during the nine days that we stayed there. One day we did karate,
another we went to a swimming pool, we were able to do boxing, play football, do some
athletics and hang out with all the people that we met from other countries. Apart from
this, we did some groupal workshops to increase and make better our cultural diversity. Doing
these activities we had the possibility to discover new friends from other parts of our

One of the best times was when prepared the cultural night, we made some sangria for the
rest of people, they enjoyed so much. Furthemore, we won a football penalties tournament.
We arrive to Serbia with a very open-mind mood in order to meet new people and share our
experiences with the rest. The countries participants were from Spain, Turkey, Serbia,
Romania, Italia and Slovakia. Moreover, people from Serbia is very close and nice so we had a
very warm welcome from the beggining.

From: Marc, Pol, Eric, Tigis, Elías, Mar and Samuel

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