Study Visit of european Youth workers in Rēzekne 

European Association “World-Our Home” organized the Erasmus + Youth Worker Mobility Project – Study Visit “Reality of Youth Work” from September 2-8. The project was organized by the European Association “World-Our Home” employees Natālija Covvo, Dace Deksne and Jūlija Springe. 29 participants from 12 European and neighboring countries participated in the project – Latvia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Croatia, Georgia, Germany, Jordan, Israel, Portugal, Russia, Spain and Moldova.

The main goal of the project “Reality of Youth Work” was to present work with youth in Latvia, share experience with partners, improve work methods with young people and strengthen cooperation between the Program and Partner countries in the field of youth.

The purpose of the study visit was to learn about the reality of youth work in Latvia, in the Latgale region; improve youth work methods, learn about work with youth in cities and rural regions and compare them; promote partnerships between organizations from the program and partner countries; understand the impact of youth centers in the local community.

During the project, youth workers got to know the work with youth in Latvia, youth policy, methods. During the project, participants developed ideas for youth initiative projects, got to know the ideas of local youth initiative projects, met with local young people, members of Rēzekne City Council and Rēzekne district municipality, discussed issues related to youth work. The participants got to know the youth work of the city of Rēzekne, as well as the youth work of the Rēzekne district. Visits were organized to the city’s youth centers, as well as the regional youth center in Kaunata.

Within the framework of the project, we cooperated with the Eastern Latvian creative service center “Zeimuls”, Eleonora Ivanova, the youth affairs specialist of the Eastern Latvian creative service center “Zeimuls”, took part in the implementation of the project, we also thank the deputy chairman of the Rēzekne city Aleksejs Stecs, the deputy of the Rēzekne district council Guntis Rasims, the head of the education and sports department of the Rēzekne county council Guntars Skudra, the head of the Kaunata youth center Tamara Kablanova and the head of Kaunata Kultural hourse Lina Šlapakova.

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