Karim – enero 2023

January was a rather difficult month for me, but at the same time this severity was a joy, because I
met a bunch of new people, visited other parts of Spain even for a moment, found new knowledge
for myself and came up with an idea for my personal project .

In “La Vibria” almost every day interesting and instructive events take place, such as the “workshop
on Limoncello” (in which, unfortunately, I could not participate) or “intercultural meetings” that
people from different countries come to, but in this month, I had the opportunity to participate in
the project for half the time of my volunteering in Malaga offline! So I ended up in Malaga for a
week, where I met and made good friends with 55 people! It was a fun adventure, we discussed our
volunteering, had parties, got to know each other more and tried to survive with only 2 hours of
sleep a day hahaha. At the beginning of the month we had a holiday weekend, and also started
Catalan courses, which unfortunately for the most part just takes time in my opinion, because it is
taught in Spanish, and I don’t know Spanish at all, but fortunately we got a very funny group there
classmates and the lessons are not as boring as it could be, but still I would prefer English/Spanish
courses. Also this month I visited Barcelona quite often and there I met interesting people whom I
found in the telegram chat and we sat and talked with them, and now we sometimes meet and walk.
As in the rest of the months, my duty was to create a design, which I did, so nothing new in this
regard – card design, banners and the like, which I like 🙂
From what I learned: connections – a lot decides! It is necessary to communicate with people more
often, leave the house, do something on the street or appear in new places. It is also much easier to
work in a team – not all tasks with your capabilities can be solved at the moment and cooperating is
a good plan. Speaking to a large audience without interaction is sleeper listeners, because if you are
not a great speaker who is a pleasure to listen to, people will simply get bored or sleep in your
speeches if you do not let them interact.
From the fact that I was not very happy this month, it was a broken washing machine and problems
with the light at home, Catalan courses that take time, some thoughts in my head that I don’t want
to tell anyone, but they are disturbing.
The month turned out to be very intense, but at the same time exciting, rich in the experience of
new meetings and wonderful moments, thanks to “La Vibria” for this opportunity, more to come

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