Resum de novembre

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-15 at 15.42.55

In the month of November we can already say that the volunteers are completely adapted to their environment, institutions and beneficiaries of Shift project.

With the first steps overpast, the volunteers started to complexify the content of their workshops. Topics related with political campaigns and their possible tricky ways of convincing the electors, hate speech and its repercussions, internet and its dangerous, privacy and the footprint people let around.

Regarding the success of the implementation of the project, some more classes got interested and asked for the presence of the volunteers in their classes, so they started to implement their workshops in new classes with new beneficiaries.
Parallel activities are also still available for the attendance of the volunteers, as supporting children in an oncology hospital, language clubs and events that are being developed within the network of local partnerships with other NGO’s.
During this month, the volunteers also had extra training provided by the elements of ACT so they could be better prepared for facing adversity during the project period.
In the last week of the month, the volunteers had the Mid-Term training, where they could share and evaluate their point of situation regarding their personal and professional development in Shift project.

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