Resum d’octubre

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-09 at 17.11.28
October started with SHIFT developing other contents in their workshops, as traditional media and social media acknowledge, the framed theory, professional journalism vs citizen journalism, fake news and democracy & media.
During this month, the volunteers also attended to an event in one of the parks of Craiova to, develop some activities with some children from rural areas and to promote their work as international volunteers developing a media literacy project here.
Language clubs are on the way, with Italian and English for now, with the attendance of some of the volunteers and also local students.
Some more institutions and beneficiaries had the pleasure to count on the volunteers, in their schools, for the first time this month, and they’re going to keep working with this new participants.

The volunteers start to feel more integrate, more comfortable and fluid on their work, and the space for improvements it’s still challenging, once they’re work is with different kind of beneficiaries. Depending on the background they get in touch with, different approaches are implemented.

More possible actors are in the agenda, since some professionals, as teachers and principals, are understanding the benefits that they’re students can develop from the volunteers presence, and, hopefully, more classes are going to have the volunteer’s workshops presence.

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