Resum de setembre


After the on-arrival training and with more knowledge about how to start to develop their own project, the volunteers started the activities with the beginning of the school in September.

The content of the workshops to implement was being prepared in august and now, the time to meet for the first time the institutions and he beneficiaries came.

The first meetings the volunteers presented the association, the project, themselves, and a briefing about how the following six months were going to happen.

The next step was a cultural awareness approach about their origins so the first bonds and trust could start to be a reality and a relation between volunteers and beneficiaries could be raised.

During the last days of the month, the volunteers started to give the media literacy workshops in the schools and the work started to flow. From now on, the volunteers will follow the plan of activities that they have been developing and, week after week, trying to give the beneficiaries a good background related with the topic of the project and look further to achieve the objectives of the project.

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