Stani – Maig 2022


It has been so fast! I am here again to write you something from my experience.

Many things happened in these days and I was living in 120% mode. I traveled so much alone, with my flatmates, Slovak friend, and boyfriend and I m going to tell you what I like the most and also what I have been doing at work.

First, in the beginning of May, my friend from Slovakia- Miška came to visit me here. We had an amazing time together as we didn’t see each other for half a year. Miška is a very crazy funny and loving person and we together decided to explore Terrassa, Barcelona and also took an adventure weekend to Mallorca. We rented a bike and did a coastline ride and also sightseeing. In Mallorca, I wish I brough my German roommates as they would help us to communicate ahah.

Second after she left I visited Costa Brava with my flatmates. We rented a car and went to beautiful beaches. We had one day to explore also a very cool city called: Cadaqués. Had an amazing picnic and swam in the sea! So many jellyfishes!

And after my boyfriend came and we had nice time in Tarragona and later hiked to great view of Terrassa : Turó de les Roques Blanques, it has been really a blessing and I cant tell u more because it now looks I was not working ahah.

In regards to work, what will stay in my head this time is Fira Modernista where we with girls work in a flower shop. We made such beautiful flowers and were selling them like hot potatoes.

Additionally every Monday at work we created new activity – correr / running. And it has been improving every week. We are changing locations and run in Terrassa together!

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