“It looks like in a 10 day camp lots of things can happen…

Outdoor camping in Wales, people from other European countries, rain, games, LARP, battles, knights… Everyone had a role, everyone was needed for a task: queen/king, Bart, druid, jester, painter, chiefs and cleaners .

Each team had their own food and resources and had to organise themselves everyday for cooking for all the team and the organizers.

And we don’t have to forget the four weddings there were (I was maid of honor!) and our lovely elected king Gonzalo 

What I learnt? Going out from my comfort zone, gaining more confidence on myself, opening more to unknown people and sharing personal info with them, having patience to treat with everyone and to argument the things needed, being grateful about things, respecting myself, giving myself space when I need it, telling others what i feel and which are my needs, stating opinions, setting limits, acting in a role character, challenging myself and working in a team to achieve our goals!!

I’m grateful for having been part of this erasmusplus projects “KNIGHTS l” by Abroadship, for being part Dragonshire  for all the new people I met and specially for those who become like a family those days”.

Xènia Garcia

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