Permaculture Design TC: “Truly recommended for those who want to learn about being with themselves.”


Sometimes, it’s difficult to put words at something that lives inside you, that lives in a form of feeling or vibration.

This is exactly what happened in this Training Course of Permaculture Design. We arrived with a bit of knowledge about Permaculture and we left Greece with a lot of different tools to start living in the most respectful way of being. And of course, not only respectful with nature but also respectful with the people around you. At least, Permaculture is a way of community respect with all the things that surround you: animals, people, nature, yourself…

To summarize, we spent two weeks in Greece, in the White Rabbit house – an EcoHouse that hosts people and it’s organized by different european young leaders. In the first weeks, we’ve dedicated all the time to the theoretical part – it’s important to understand some concepts before starting to make them real. We’ve made some classes of soil; management of water; principles and ethics of permaculture; eco-building, companion’s plants. In the second week, we’ve dedicated most of the time to design different places. Our project was focused on George’s place – a small land of olives monoculture plantation near White Rabbit house. We’ve shared ideas on how to improve this place and we created a spiral of aromatic and a beautiful shadow place with vines.

This kind of experiences are truly recommended for the ones who want to learn a lot of being with themselves. The training is – most of the time – surely interesting and good structured for the most directly learning. Everything related with the course, like people around Europe, new country, new food, new thoughts make your experience bigger and deeper.

Finally, we want to share with all of you the knowledge that this project has brought to us: the most important thing in this world is – to be honest – being 100% true with all around you. And this also includes all those things that we cannot see, but we can feel and live.

We have to be our most potent self – the same as what Nature does when humans don’t destroy it!

Anna Lleopart i Júlia Martínez

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