Project “Resonating Europe”

Tres noies de Terrassa, Rubí i Navarcles, van participar en el projecte “Resonating Europe”, el 27 d’octubre de 2021 a Torí. Ens presenten l’activitat de difusió que van crear un cop finalitzat el projecte.

“We decided to practice the activities that the trainers of the project taught
us. The first activity was related to the different emotions that the children feel when
listening to different types of music (happiness, sadness, exultation, nostalgia, love…).
There were some words written on a paper on the floor. Here are some pictures of this

“When the activity finished, we attempted to ask the children their opinion. On the one hand, they said they weren’t influenced by the decisions of their friends. In our opinion, it was not true at all, but anyway, it was their opinion. On the other hand, they had fun during all the activities.

After that, we did another activity. With only saying some consonants, they had to create a conversation. The objective was to realize that the expression in our phrases is as important as the words. In the beginning, they were so shy, and the interventions were so short, but at the end of the activity, it was better. At the end of all the activities, we played a song with the guitar.

It was a great experience. We had a lot of fun!”

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