ESC OPPORTUNITY: Youth work, Design, Communication and Social Media Management in La Víbria Intercultural

Do you wish to be part of  a Youth Mobility association?

Place: Terrassa (Barcelona)

Dates: From 9th January 2023 to 25th August 2023 (7 months and a half)


La Víbria Intercultural it’s an association based in Terrassa, a city with 218.000 inhabitants and 40 min away from Barcelona, that works to promote interculturality and peace culture by doing non-formal education activities.

Founded in 2003, we work with youngsters in different ways: on the one hand, some hours in the week we dedicate exclusively to give information to youngsters aged 13 to 35, in 5 different municipalities of Catalonia region, related to going abroad (to study, to do internships, to volunteer, to work…). On the other hand, we are very active on international activities, so we are hosting, coordinating and sending organization for ESC and moreover, we organize local and international projects related to interculturality and other topics that interests our youngsters.

La Víbria is also actively involved in supporting young people on their professional development by providing internships abroad.


We are searching for 1 ESC volunteer to support us in our daily communication tasks, taking pictures of the events, preparing videos, helping to improve our site and also supporting the promotion of youth mobility, and being involved in the organisation of local and international activities.

So, that means:

  • Promote volunteering, ESC, Erasmus+ opportunities, preparing talks in highschools and youth centres, sharing your experience, etc.
  • Being involved in the activities of La Víbria: local events and local participation groups, activities in highschools, activities related to interculturality.
  • Design and communication daily tasks:
    • Social media management.
    • Support on communication during the projects and activities with the creation of audiovisual materials.
    • Keeping the website up-to-date and preparing design improvements.
    • Content creation, press notes and newsletters, articles and memories.
    • Presentations and infographics.
    • Design of posters and promotional materials.
    • Creating audiovisual materials from our activities and the volunteers experience.
    • Taking pictures, filming and editing videos from La Víbria projects and activities.
    • Translation of the website.
  • Support to the office team on administrative tasks, like searching and contacting partners, preparing documents, writing and answering emails.


We are looking for someone that:

  • Has social media management skills.
  • Has some knowledge about graphic desing and video edition tools.
  • Has interest in taking photos or videos of the activities happening in La Vibria.
  • Is proactive, so can propose his/her own ideas and designs.
  • Has the ability to develop content and audiovisual materials.
  • Has some knowledge about website management.
  • Has a good level of English.
  • Likes to work in a team.
  • Has interest to learn more about international mobility opportunities for youth and international projects.
  • Wants to develop new skills in facilitation, youth dinamisation, and non-formal education.
  • Is creative and can participate in creating new ideas for activities that are benefitial for the association.
  • Has motivation to learn Catalan (the language couse will be Catalan).


  • The possibility to be part of a dynamic team willing to share knowledge and experience
  • A shared flat in the center of Terrassa with other ESC volunteers
  • Pocket Money and food money: 285€/month
  • Catalan lessons during all the project
  • Some bikes are available for the use of the volunteers


La Víbria Intercultural Office

Carrer Pantà 75, 08221, Terrassa


28h/week. Most of the weeks with free weekend, with few exceptions, due to local events as fairs, local activities or hosting international projects.  You will always get 2 consecutive days off per week.


4h per week of Catalan course


2 consecutive days per week + 2 days per month


You will share flat with other ESC volunteers

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 15th november 2022

INTERVIEW DATES: 7th and 25th november 2022


If you are interested apply directly on:

If you want to discover how was the daily life of the our last volunteers, take a look on their official journey:

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